Dogs On Wheels

Have you seen this strange sight roaming around downtown Bethesda?

No, it's not a UFO. 
You're not imaging things. 
It's  Dogs On Wheels!

The odd-looking vehicle is not a homemade contraption, it's actually a 1962 Harley-Davidson "Topper" motorscooter, with a rare (one of only 50 made) "Utility Box" - designed for package delivery service.

The dogs (that's Grey on the left, and KJ on the right) love riding around getting wind in their faces.  They sit quietly in the DogMobile watching the world go by, and feeling sorry for other dogs who have to walk.

Why?  Well, you asked...

"Bear", like most dogs, loved to ride in the car and stick his head out the window.
But he just never could get quite enough wind in his face.

His human figured a motorcycle would best satisfy the "wind in the face" requirement.  His first thought was a motorcycle with a “sidecar”.  But sidecars weren’t designed for doggie anatomy.  
Next idea?  Both Harley and Indian made 3-wheeled cycles for Police and delivery work - but again, not designed for canine anatomy.
Finally, the light bulb went on!  Back in the early 1960’s, Harley-Davidson made a lightweight motorscooter called a "Topper". About 5000 Toppers were produced from late 1959 through 1965
On special order you could get a sidecar (about 300 were made) for your Topper, but this had the same problem with doggie anatomy.
Also, on special order you could get a "Utility Box", designed for package delivery by small-town retail businesses. Here was the solution! The only problem was that only about 50 "Utility Boxes" were made, so finding one was a pretty tall order.
The search took 5 years. Finally, one was found in Indiana, and a deal was struck - an even swap for another old motorcycle. The former owner had added a boat seat, so that he could take his grandkids for a ride. This was easily removed, returning the Utility Box to its original state.
Unfortunately, by that time, Bear has passed on, and was never able to ride in the DogMobile. But his heirs, “KJ” and “Grey”, are now enjoying plenty of “wind in their faces”.
The nut behind the wheel?   Bethesda's resident wacko, Dave Hennessey.